Clout Hero

Complete Regulation A+ Management
For Companies raising $20mm or More

Born from Marketing Excellence

We are a spinoff from Placement Directory, a leading strategic marketing company. Below are some of the over 2000 clients at our previous company.

unmatched experience

Many Reg A+ management companies have a marketing team with little to no experience in professional retail marketing. Since the SEC structure for the Reg A+ offering is based upon retail marketing, this should be paramount in your decision to choose a management company. We have 20 years of experience working with the greatest minds in the marketing world and we will apply that experience to your Reg A.

White Glove Service

Let’s walk through the entire process.

1. discuss offering options

We need to talk. Tell us about your company and your fundraising goals. Do you want to brainstorm ideas based upon what has worked for other companies?

2. decide on a structure

Set a goal amount to raise, outline the offer, benefits to investors, and other details to finalize your offering structure.

3. Audits, Legal and the SEC Approvals

Do you need referrals for a lawyer to get your SEC approvals? Do you have audited financials? We can help get you in touch with specialists to help. 

4. Interviews with our marketing team

We need to know what makes your company special and what obstacles you will have on the path to success. Interviews are planned to learn about your business.

5. Marketing Plan Creation

We design your landing page, presentation webinar and the prepare a strategy to attract potential investors .  This is the single more important part of raising money in a Reg A.

6. Campaign

We run advertisements on both social and mainstream media to attract investors to your webinar.  Constant adjustments are made to maximize results. 

7. Complete

When it is all done we help wrap things up and get you back to running your business.

About us

Background of our Founder

Bob Olejar founded Clout Hero as a natural progression from his previously successful strategic marketing company, Placement Directory. His work in strategic marketing using associative framing with celebrities and storytelling mastery has allowed him to work with some of the greatest companies in the world like Samsung, Reebok, Apple, Jack Daniels, Prada, Lamborghini, and hundreds more. Along the way Olejar has been interviewed or written about in over 50 publications including the Wall Street Journal, New York Post, New York Times, Entrepreneur, Vogue, Wired, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Backstage, Chicago Tribune, London Times, and several more.

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