Clout Hero

Regulation A Equity Crowdfunding with Clout Hero

What is Clout Hero?

Clout Hero helps businesses complete Regulation A (includes A+) Equity Crowdfunding unlike anyone else. Clout Hero takes advantage of not only the relatively new Regulation A/A+ Crowdfunding rules but also utilizes unique strategies to make sure those Crowdfunding campaigns are actually highly successful.

The key to Clout Hero is that we go BEYOND just the equity crowdfunding mechanisms, and ensure that when prospective investors look into your business, they can be confident it is a sound investment.

“You have to learn the rules of the game, and then you have to play better than anyone else.”


Many parts of a Reg A are just simple rules and regulations!

The differentiating factor that will make or break your Reg A is the ability to build social clout and tell the story of your business in a way that sells shares. Clout Hero knows the rules of the game and we play better than anyone else. Check out our: Guide to Regulation A+ Crowdfunding.

Experience matters when building a brand!

No company has more experience in boosting a corporate image while supporting the tech and legal side of fundraising.

Each of our programs is tailored to find solutions to the client’s weaknesses and enhance its strengths with in-house creative expertise and data-driven strategy.

Working with Clout Hero

How does your “brand image” compare with other successful companies?

Our branding process has all the critical steps to make your company shine.

  • Evaluation of current (if any) brand and presence.
  • A new brand guild to ensure you present the same image and the same story across all platforms.
  • Creation of social presence and guaranteed media exposure.

Our experts will configure your offering so that your company is up to regulation and protected!

The US Government requires a laundry list of requirements for your Reg A setup. It must be hosted on the web server of your brand, qualify investors, disclose information, collect information, and process each transaction in a specific way.

Every Reg A consultancy can do these steps, but we do much more than the basics.

Get connected with the support you need for a successful raise and IPO!

Our team provides consulting to help your team raise private or public capital in a series format.

  1. Direct to investor
  2. Pre-IPO
  3. IPO
What Separates Clout Hero from the Crowd?

Be seen where it matters!

  • Creation of Landing Pages and content
  • Full-service advertising campaign across all major platforms with performance optimization
  • Weekly evaluation of social and ad effectiveness 
  • Collection of all necessary information from the stock buyers, automatic follow-up, and reporting as required.

Ready to up your Clout?